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Once upon a time in China...

Foison started out as a group of experienced textile technicians coming together to make nice affordable fabrics for their customers.  In 2005 together they made a substantial investment. Foison Textile mill was founded in Foshan Datang industrial park in South China with advanced weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment.

Our consolidation

In 2009 the company headquarter moved to Guangzhou Pearl River Textile City in Guangzhou with a modern show room and a professional sales team.

Over the years, it has established marketing arms in Hong Kong, Europe and America to strengthen its relationships with customers.  There is an office in Bangladesh to service local garment makers since 2010.


The 2nd phase of Foison’s factory extension is finished by end of 2020. Additional production capacity is added. Further weaving and washing facilities are upgraded to strengthen and speed up our product development cycle. Currently more than 300 new weaves are added to our collection every year.


We count more than 750 professional employees and associates as part of the Foison family. Their well-being and satisfying our customers are dear to our heart. Together we take on the challenge to make our products more sustainable every day. Fabrics with sustainable fiber already make up more than 60% of the production volume since 2019. We continue to install new equipment and implementing processes to render our production process even more sustainable.


Taking advantage of our fast product development cycle and  lean organizational structure, Foison has already become an innovative and indispensable partner for retailers in Europe and  America. We strive to do our utmost to continue serving our customers and to be the most relevant reference in denim and casual wear fabric sourcing for worldwide retailers.

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